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In case you miss out important blockchain or crypto news don't be nervous here is your useful news.

1. ‘Free’ Money: How Students Mine Cryptocurrency in Their Dorm Rooms.
Indeed, many students don’t have to worry about paying power bills, as per their university housing contracts, which tend to cover electricity expenses. That “free” power allows them to host cost-efficient mining rigs, where the only expense is the actual hardware. It almost seems too good to be true: Mining students receive a passive income, which can potentially cover the purchase of a few textbooks — or even pay for the whole semester and more. FULL NEWS

2. Google Searches for ‘Bitcoin’ Hit Highest Total Since November.
Google Trend data reveals the spike in searches was single-handedly achieved on April 2 when the price of the cryptocurrency surged nearly 20 percent in a single hour to clock $4,961, its highest price since Nov. 19, according to CoinDesk’s price data.FULL NEWS

3. Mafias in Italy Use Bitcoin & Cryptos for Money Laundering
The rate of illegal activities including money laundering through Bitcoin (BTC), is alarming in Italy and throughout Europe at large. Crypto startup Eidoo, founded by Italians, which allows users to store, convert and spend digital currencies, selected an apartment in 2017 in a building structure that was sequestered for ndrangheta in Chiasso, Switzerland, just 0.4 kilometers from the Italian border.FULL NEWS

4. Data shows bitcoin most overbought since 2017: parabolic phase or impending crash?
Bitcoin is currently at its most expensive levels in 2019. According to the GTI Global Strength Indicator—a technical analysis tool that gauges intraday crypto volatility, bitcoin is currently in ‘overbought’ territory—suggesting it could be entering a “parabolic phase,” or be prepared for another downturn.FULL NEWS

5. Is It Time for a Blockchain Brexit?
Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) is not so much a technical crisis between a ‘hard fork’ and a ‘soft fork’ but a legitimacy crisis. Yet the solution to its core dilemma — politically deciding between a ‘Hard Brexit’ and a ‘Soft Brexit’ — may actually lay in harnessing blockchain technology’s great potential as an economic governance system for the digital age.FULL NEWS


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