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In case you miss out important blockchain or crypto news don't be nervous here is your useful news.

1. Indian Supreme Court Confirms New Date for Crypto Case.
The Supreme Court of India has set a new date to hear the crypto case. News.Bitcoin.com has learned what happened in the latest hearing when the government was expected to deliver crypto regulation and why the case was adjourned within minutes. FULL NEWS

2. $255 Million: Coinbase Confirms Extent of Crypto Insurance Coverage.
Coinbase has revealed the details of its insurance arrangements for cryptocurrency held on customers’ behalf, a rare move in an opaque market. FULL NEWS

3. PayPal Makes Its First-Ever Investment in a Blockchain Startup.
Announced today, PayPal has joined the extension of a Series A funding round in Cambridge Blockchain, a startup that helps financial institutions and other companies manage sensitive data using shared ledgers. FULL NEWS.

4. 5-Star Swiss Hotel Set to Accept Bitcoin Payments.
The Dolder Grand, a five-star hotel based in Switzerland, will begin accepting bitcoin payments starting next month.
The news was announced Tuesday by the hotel’s tech partner, Inacta AG, which said that the payment option would be made available on May 1. FULL NEWS.

5. Elon Musk Calls Dogecoin ‘My Fav Cryptocurrency.
Today my favorite news.

Elon Musk has diversified his cryptocurrency. Or at least, his crypto-related tweets.
A month and a half after calling bitcoin “brilliant,” the Tesla and SpaceX founder lauded one of the crypto market’s longest-running, and famously whimsical, alternatives“Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It’s pretty cool,” Musk tweeted Tuesday. FULL NEWS.


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