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In case you miss out important blockchain or crypto news don't be nervous here is your useful news.

1. Bitcoin Miner Recounts Struggle to Obtain Cheap Iranian Power.
Over the last six months, reports of Chinese miners crossing the border to obtain cheap electricity from regions like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Iran have abounded. According to a recent interview, Chinese miners have found extremely affordable electric prices ($0.006 per kilowatt-hour) in the oil-rich nation of Iran. However, managing to get thousands of machines over the Iranian border has proven to be far more difficult.FULL NEWS

2. Bitcoin Cash Users Have Mixed Millions of Dollars Since Cashshuffle's Launch.
Since the launch of bitcoin cash (BCH) mixer Cashshuffle a fortnight ago, the platform has accrued a lot of attention and users. A total of 8,625 BCH shuffled outputs have been recorded since March 27 and close to 2,000 Cashshuffle transactions.FULL NEWS

3. Crypto Exchange Bithumb Posts $180 Million Loss for 2018.
CoinDesk Korea reported the news on Thursday, saying that the loss was mainly due to a sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market last year, though the company’s operator BTCKorea also cited infrastructure investments and labor costs as factors.FULL NEWS

4. China Bans Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining.
The People’s Republic of China, the world’s largest market for computer hardware created to mine Bitcoin (BTC), has totally banned crypto mining in the country in order to stop the growing pressure on government from the cryptocurrency industry. No time limit for the ban has been set.FULL NEWS

5. Bitcoin is Too Young to be Used by Terrorists, Report Shows.
The report generally touches on three key sectors of terrorist financing: receipt, spending and management. Crypto offer real benefits for terrorist groups since funders can send them funds from any corner of the world sans any limitations, but the problem is on the management and use of it, especially when it is being sent in large amounts, according to the report.FULL NEWS


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