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In case you miss out important blockchain or crypto news don't be nervous here is your useful news.

1.The World’s First Blockchain Lifestyle Festival, Block Live Asia, Debuts in Singapore on April 18 and 19.
The world’s first part-conference, part-experiential blockchain festival will be held in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall A on April 18 and 19, 2019. With renowned names such as DASH, bitcoin.com, Digifinex, BlockON Group, on board as sponsors and partners, Block Live Asia is set to give attendees a whole new experience into the blockchain space.FULL NEWS

2. Android Malware Targets Users of 32 Crypto Apps, Including Coinbase, BitPay.
A new strain of Trojan malware for Android phones is targeting global users of top crypto apps such as Coinbase, BitPay and Bitcoin Wallet, as well as banks including JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. The news was reported by technology news outlet The Next Web on March 28.FULL NEWS

3. Indian Supreme Court Takes Too Long on Crypto Case - Exchange Shuts Down
The inaction of India’s supreme court to end the prolonged banking restriction has forced another cryptocurrency exchange to shut down. The exchange has given its users 30 days to withdraw funds at increased fees, prompting several other exchanges to offer to refund these fees for customers switching to them.FULL NEWS

4. DASH is up 32.4 percent in the past month, protocol update on the way
The price of Dash (DASH) has seen a sustained month of growth, up from $84.0 to $111.2—a 32.4 percent increase. The upwards movement may be attributed to a variety of positive news around the project, including a line-up of technical innovations slated for the protocol’s next update.FULL NEWS

5. Each Transaction Costs the Bitcoin Network $45, Large Improvements Needed to Beat VISA.
Bitcoin is sometimes cited as a potential competitor to leading payments processing service VISA. However, data from the Bitcoin blockchain suggests the network has a long way to go before it can match the convenience, speed, and cost of VISA.FULL NEWS



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