My mother's birthday!

5 months ago

 Hi friends!

I want to shout to the whole world: my beloved mother, happy birthday!!!!

Тепло души твоей безмерно,

Глаза нежнее васильков!

Ты так красива неимоверно,

В тебе вся мудрость глубины веков...


The warmth of your soul immensely,

Eyes more gentle cornflowers!

You're so beautiful.,

You have all the wisdom of the ages...

My dear mother (@kadr), I wish you joy and a lot of happiness and love! Be always young and beautiful! Give us the lights of your ideas and warmth!

My mother was born on Christmas holidays. We always have fun together and celebrate this day! Before you holiday cake caramel chocolate!

Mother my dear! Let all your dreams and desires come true!

May your soul always be joy and love!

Be always the same fun and affectionate!

Let over your head always shines bright and peaceful the sun!

Mom, on your way there are only decent people!

Remember that we are always there! Happy birthday my dear!

Your son @r3benok 

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Игорёша, сын мамин, спасибо мой родной!!!


Огромные поздравления!!! Всех благ, любви, добра и счастья!!!


Благодарю вас за теплые слова!!!

How sweet between mother and son?


Mom is the closest person on Earth;)