Mosque attack in New Zealand

2 months ago

Critics of the Bangladesh team could also have been attacked due to the killing of 40 people in Christchurch mosque Al Nur. Because the team members of Jamaat went to the mosque to perform the mosque prayers. Bloody incidents took place before they reached the mosque.

Crischchurch Test has already been canceled after the horrific incident. Trying to bring Bangladesh to the country as quickly as possible. Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan Papan himself said that the players are being brought back to the country as quickly as possible.


In this regard, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon said in the face of the media, "On urgent basis I spoke about the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been asked to take steps to bring Bangladesh cricketers back to the country as quickly as possible.

That means, Bangladesh Foreign Ministry with the BCB has been doing all-important work to bring Tamim-Mushfiq-Riyad back to the country. At present, Bangladesh team is staying at the team hotel, said BCB president.


When Al Nur mosque was attacked, Afsana Akter Ritu was inside the mosque.

Afsana's house in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. A year ago, she was married to a Bangladeshi expatriate from New Zealand. Nine months ago he left the country to New Zealand.

The house of Al Nur Mosque is just one minute away.

In the interview given to BBC Bangla, Afsana Akter Ritu narrated the horrific attack.

Since the mosque, Afsana had to go there every day to pray there. Three Bangladeshi women were together at the time of the incident.


We came running out of the races after hearing the sound. "

"Those who were shooting, they did not come in the first women's room, they first went to the men's room, we were together with three Bangladeshi people, and they all ran together."

"It takes a minute to visit our house at the mosque and it takes a minute to hear the sound of the shoots and come to our house, but we have kept the keys of the house, the shoes in the Eagla mosque, to save lives."


The three of them were together, one of them was shot on foot. Later, he was taken to the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Afsana said that he did not see the person who was shooting.

After this incident, Afsana is now astonished. But his last nine months of experience in New Zealand was totally different.

"While I was in Bangladesh, I knew that New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. There are many safe, so far no problems have ever happened."

But this incident on Friday made him very scared.

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