Sit, eat and talk.

5 days ago
in life

Dear serey all...



It was late afternoon, many of us had not yet come to the event of the dissolution of the village innovation committee in the Simpang Keuramat sub-district, but the event could still run as it should.

Greeting the event, the euphoria of the committee after successfully working for 1 week yielded maximum results. not only them, I also enjoyed a little of their excitement.

In the event, I saw only come sit down, eat and talk to thank all the committee. then go home. in my heart I say, what and where and what is expected for this event, what input for us all. did not feel over time I enjoyed and dissolved in jokes and their conversation turns out this is called the pleasure of friends who joked and laughed between talks ..
Then I understood a cohesiveness ...

Good jobs all

Thanks @zur
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