The mystery of the Earth is "Religion" Part-01

6 months ago

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There is no end to asking about the world. What is the secret of this world, many questions about the earth, who will not want to know about their own house? So one thousand questions one after another is playing the game in our mind. People who have started their campaign from the past to find answers. The whole answer is still not possible yet. Never science, sometimes religion or mythology - as it has been, since the beginning of creation, the world tried to explain. But what is the truth? No! Truly, you should have the right to judge the lie. In this new series, I will tell you the story of the world, passing through those worlds, passing the world. The author of that story is the person himself!

Religion and science have taken a different position here

Although it is a very familiar saying that, where science ends, there is the beginning of religion. Although religion has tried to predict what exactly was before the world, science has always started the words of the Big Bang theory or the creation of the universe.

According to the Bible

the Creator had been in three ways before the earth and was quite contented. Immediately after the creation of this situation, his position changed and he stepped in to create the world and the world.

In Islam

there was a time in the earth and heaven was indivisible. But that is it, as long as the creator separates the two, and in two places, from all the beasts and animals, all creatures and plants are made. This whole time spent all six working hours. No, not six days. The period of time is described as six periods. Many, however, try to compare it with the Big Bang theory.

This world and the creation of the world in Hinduism has been seen in many ways

But the beginning of the creation of the world and the world is thought to have been from Hiranyagara or the golden embryo. It is a lot like others, who think that the earth was created from the eggs of the earth. However, it was not possible for Hindus to show much concern about what was right before.

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