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6 months ago

We all want to be a successful man in no way. But do not think once for me what to do to succeed. Some other tasks will have to be canceled for a while. The success does not come automatically. To do many things is to bring success to life. Now the question is what should I do? Today I will tell you about the personality of some successful people in the world

Thomas Elva Edison

The electric lamp that we all use. The hollow detector of Thomas Elva Edison. This inventor had very difficult diseases like Dyslexia. He was partly a bit deaf too. He was so bad when he used to study at school. All his teachers would jokingly say, 'Your belly for education is very stupid. Take you to your stomach.

Helen Adams Keller

He has many talents at all, he is a leader, a protestor, socialism and a writer. If you hear he will be a blind and deaf and dumb He lost his speech, listening to his vision, and with his fierce agony at just three years of his life.

Ludwig van Beitoven

He is always a famous musician. His name is Ludwig van Beitoven. The last 25 years of his life was not good. He was also deaf. In spite of so much, he created many famous melodies during that time. After his Ninth Symphony was first served, a large number of listeners congratulated him on the gimmick.

Stephen Hawking

We know whom we have one name. He was one of the most discussed scientist of the time, Stephen Hawking. His life's time was not good. At the age of 21, Motor Neuron Disease was caught in his body. The doctors told him that he would live longer than 3/4 years.

Nick Bhugicik

From birth he is a man without a limb of his body. That's not the end. Now he has become one of the only best speakers of the world. He has been born with a rare disease called 'Tetra-amelia-syndrome' during his childhood, and he is still working on this condition.

Marcel Appan:

Despite having physical disability, he lived a normal life. One time he lost his two hands in an accident of life. After that he fought the extreme of every step of life.

"Defeat is not your end, the journey is a little long"


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