Flood or good luck

4 days ago

Hello all.

last night it made me want to drink coffee especially when the rain was pouring down, well when it was raining I took my train and planned to go looking for coffee to warm this body. but halfway there I saw a crowd at a crossroads, then I approached and saw many puddles on the road. it turns out that in this region it rains heavily and makes motorists stop because they cannot cross it.

I was pensive and looked in all directions, in my heart it crossed, this was a disaster because I did not drink coffee or this is a profit because I can not shop means money is not exhausted.


With a small smile then I decided to go home and sleep again .

That was my story last night. might be useful for you all.

Thanks @sunbahri

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Drink coffee at night? You not sleep?


We always sleep at night even though we drink coffee. in our area coffee is a typical drink for men. Original Arabica is delicious.


Ah great that you can sleep even you drunk coffee.