Love comes once in life

2 months ago

A boy's phone is coming in on a friend's phone, or a friend comes to love with another girl on Facebook, in the first life of a son comes in love with fantasy.

Maybe it's time to understand the meaning of love and not her.


Brilliant things attract such a mind.

Like others, one man takes himself.

But then

In most cases, first love is the first step where a boy has a crazy crease.

Hours later she likes to stand in front of her school or coaching school.



The boys are usually more attracted to same-age girls at first.

But that girl has already given mind to a senior big brother.

The story is curved here.

A very good boy may also burn the first cigarette of life in a lot of effort. Like many cigarette smoke, many boys want to add to the smoky smoke of a Mayawi girl in a strange vacuum in life.

But the nicotine remains inside the memory poison.

In the first love nobody knows what to do.

Gradually everyone learns.

By that time he learned the lesson of love. Learned to hide the object called emotions.

She does not like the word of love anymore.

Someone gets home

Some people spend the night playing guitar.

Nobody listens to the song

Some draw pictures.

To somebody games or series

Everyone wants to forget.

Hold the hands of someone else to forget.

Someone does not match the estimation

To change hands, one hand stopped and hands stopped.



No one knows when a hand is coming.

It may be that in which your hand is your hand, it is your one.

Maybe but you can not say definitely.

Maybe she did not even come in your life.

Or did you leave him ..

far away...

Nonetheless, some stories are written with Fountainpen, but can not be deleted, like the parcel story of the little bela.


If someone in the evening or in the verandah or cry alone in the house.

He alone ..

But ...

Maybe something good is waiting for it too.

We put more tears because of holding hands to someone else to remove tears.

A lot of great personalities will come in life, but you need to pick one person.

The black girl you are talking about

Color does not matter, it does not lie, do not lie to him.


Do not say before leaving the boy

I love you but my family

Nobody will hurt anyone else by hurting you.

Somebody will hurt you

Do not dream about someone special. After getting special in someone's life, you will have time to dream.

Know one,


He cooks very well, he gets a job and cooks with a smiling person.

No girl got married

There is a story in his life.

If someone asks,

Loved someone?

His hair is slightly curled.

Exquisite roast becomes more of a little salt.

Even at the cold of the night, he sat on the verandah by running the table fan.

A man sitting on a rock, maybe someone with a smile flushback on the floor.

Many people come to life.

But then

Love comes only once in life!


A person can fall in love with multiple people at the same time. Gabriel Garcia Marquez said the saying. Love is eternal, true love once in life. There are many arguments about this. There are also studies. Does love come once in human life? Why do people get involved in breaking the relationship once again? If necessary, in the realities of life or by its own will? I do not understand who really wants the mind, what does he want?


The Huffington Post made a survey on two thousand men and women last year. According to the survey, 73 percent of men and women feel that people fall in love seven times in life. But one-third of two thousand people think that 'true love' is only once in life. Some people love to love the same person more than once. 17 percent of men say they have fallen in love with another love. They are currently with the second partner. Holding one kind of 'compromise' is saying 'true love' 45 percent of men have more than one love. 39 percent of men and women said they were in love once in life. And 47 percent just fell in love. They married the boyfriend.


This type of love is different. The first love, the only time spent or aerobic love Someone is just for thrill. Some people say the final love, the result of which is the house tied. It has decided to spend time in the life of happiness and sorrow, it is saying 'final'. It may also come out in love with a peeping love. Most women and men in that love do not have a serious start. However, some people choose second companion for a slip or other reason.

Many people think of falling in love with the fate because of luck. That's not right. They chose themselves to love another.


The Guardian made a survey on three thousand people. It is seen there, one in five people have more than one love. They are doing it more with colleagues, friends. They are happy even in their personal life. Relationship with the partner is also good. Yet they got involved with another person.

25 percent of them have another love for five years at the same time. 29 percent of men and 19 percent of women split into marriage because of their second love. Interested in more than one love after 60 years of age and at the age of 30. They get the love they think they are not getting what they want. They are not satisfied with anything in life. Always look for something new

Like Rabindranath, it is said that the window of my mind suddenly opened up to your mind.


The first day of college. Introduction to Everyone One teacher came. Call by name. We stand by one of the "yes sir". Often eyes are stuck in a beautiful sight. Just watch the movie heroes! Girls on one side, boys sit on the other side. We see everyone face to face. Always sit on the bench behind the hero. Many neck and head gaping melts and look for heroes to bolt. Because of For an invisible reason, we have repeatedly observed. Inside the inside is in the book. To eat the rot and eat the grass in the abdomen Great feeling of love ...


The name of the hero "Kamal" On returning from coaching, except for a month, two close friends said to the hero for the hero, Kamal loves you. I'm happy to be The heart is dancing and dancing. Bright dhoti is played in the face. Cut off the sleepless nights. In the rooftop room, all the songs have been playing romantic all day in the afternoon. I keep singing and singing. The world seems to be very beautiful.

A week later Kamal again sent two friends to his opinion. After a little thought. The seven-minded thoughts are rotting. Wondering about the thoughts in the abyss of a strange sadness to wander again and again. " The dancing heart broke up. In the wounded heart, the miser mournfully walks on the rooftops in the afternoon. Break songs come from the reading room. Survival is unnecessary, it seems unaccountable ...


In the year or so, the families of Kamal's family went to their house and went away. I've heard that he plays in Kolkata ...

It was the story of a loved one who lived through various streams of life.

Life gets more than once. However, love is the only one. True love never judges rich-poor, Hindu-Muslims.

Happy Day of Love

Best wishes to all ...

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