Do not be afraid to teach children with little kids in the game.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said she should not put extra pressure on children to study. He said, 'if excessive pressure on the children is frightening to them in education. They should be able to take education, to be able to read themselves.

He said these at the inauguration of National Primary Education Week at Bangabandhu International Conference Center at 10am on Wednesday. He distributed the National Education Medal in the ceremony.


Calling upon children to play the game, Sheikh Hasina said, "Never try to teach education by scaring children. Teach them joyfully, play them joyfully. '

The Prime Minister said, 'Once upon a time when we were young, to scout the SSC examination, the fear worked in mind. Do not know what the test of the board? It was a terrible thing to do. But now the children are not afraid anymore. They can take the board exams from time to time. '

Urging the children to reach the education easily, the head of the government said that the children must be admitted to the nearest school. In primary school, the first class admission test will be stopped.

The head of the government urged the guardians to avoid the ill-competitive competition for the child's good results. Said, more often than children, their parents and guardians are more competitive. This competition causes them to be damages. Parents should take care of the children so that they can take education.


Boys and girls are being scared in Jhalakathi school, college students have been accused of being scared. Cut one side of the stomached hair. There are several spots on it thick. There is no hair on either side, high in the middle. Someone has made it straight to jail. In the morning, they were seen in front of the school-college of Jhalokati City. The girls of these youths have been described as dubious. Many times women are afraid to see them

Additional staffers of the Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) MM Mahmud Hasan Selun held a meeting with the owners to stop cutting styled hair. He ordered the salon owners to refrain from cutting hair in stained hair. This resulted in styling hair cut in city saloons for two or three days.


Police have begun campaigning in different places with the slogan of the students' style of hair.

According to multiple sources of police, Jhalokati town has half a salon. In these saloons young people cut hair in different styles. When they cut their hair, they came in front of the city's school and college in the morning. Girls are afraid to see hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle looks like Jhalokathi additional Purusha Super (Sadar Circle) MM Mahmud Hasan. He came to know about the scary and hairstyle scary, talking to some girls and school girls. Finally, he held meetings with Salon owners recently. In the meeting, he advised salon owners to cut their hair elegantly.

The Guardians are very happy with taking such a good initiative of the Police Super.

Jhalakati, who is reluctant to disclose the name, said a 10th grade student of Government Harachandra Balika Vidyalaya said, "In front of our school in front of the motorcycle, there are many styles of haircut boys stroll around. They are afraid to see them. Not only haircut, but many boys are keeping their beards in the same way, fear is also seen. '


Some students of Jhalakati Government Women's College said, "Girls think that girls would like them when they cut their hair and style. But unlike the girls who dislike them, they do not know. We also do not like styling hair. Our guardians do not accept it. We want the administration to interfere in such a way that we can not keep chats in front of the college. '

Additional superintendent of police (Sadar Circle) MM Mahmud Hasan said, "We have organized a student community policing forum in different schools and colleges in the city." In these meetings, girls complain about boys' hairstyles. They cut their hair in such a way that the girls are afraid to see them. We have discussed the matter with the people of the local Salon owners' organization, Narasundar Committee. They instructed them to cut styled hair that is not cut. . Since this incident, the guardians also appreciated our initiative. We want the beauty of the hairstyles will be elegant. '

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