Memories of the past

3 months ago

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Friends, how are you all I am very good. I remember a lot of memories today. Because now, in the busy world, old memories often come back. Now, as soon as it was before, I did not hear the birds from sleeping in the morning, and now the cold air of the dawn can not come and hang on. Now just hear the sound of the device. Now just hear the sounds of playing horns of buses and trucks around them. Now it is not as old as now that young children are playing in the field. Now they are submerged in Facebook. Now a lot has changed in the world. Now people just run behind the work, now people just run from the edge to the end for the income. So that he can survive. Now it is a big challenge to survive in the world. In this internet world, we are now familiar with many people who are doing many income from this internet. So with the change of the world, we have to change our mindset, we will have to move ahead to feel the old memory in front, only sorrow will increase.

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