Quarrel with the grave

2 months ago
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Local residents protested the rescue of three-year-old graveyard in Eaujininagar of Raozan. On March 11, at around 4pm on Tuesday, hundreds of women raised their hands and feet to protect the huge tomb of old 7 of their parents.

After the meeting, hundreds of women men gathered and protested to protect the 300-year-old graveyard in East Elysinagar Maijpara of Ward no 8 of Haldia Union. We protested against the people of Haji Shafi in the same area who tried to plant saplings in the grave. The president of the committee on behalf of the graveyard said that Shamsul Alam, Fazal Kader Babul, Mohammad Rafiq, Abdur Razzak, elderly Shamsul Alam Bansi, Ayub Ali, said that despite having a graveyard in the graveyard and on Sunday last Sunday, Hazi Shafi, the son of late Late Nur Ahmad, On that day, some of the committee members of the committee devoted to protecting the warsh and sanctity of the graveyard tied their work. After a while, Haji Shafi's son Javed, 5/6 including Hassan asked why they got tied up. This is a gentle discussion on both sides.

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The next day on Monday night, 30/40 people of Haji Shafi tried to break the gate on the western side of the graveyard at around one and a half. They told us that Haji Shafi's people did something like this that night they had set up a pahar in the premises of the grave. When they tried to break the gate, we all chased them together. Fazal Kader Babul said they threatened to rob us of robbery, steal, and throw them in the market. We are in the threat of nearly 150 families, influential Haji Shafi and his brother Nanna Mia.

It is known that, with the emphasis of the grave shrine of the 280th century, hundreds of men and women were buried. There are many grave marks during the period of time. Still, the families of 150 families, known as poor, are completely uninhabited in their efforts to plant saplings in place of the grave. On the other hand, the localists said with the question that last year, a huge graveyard was spent two hundred thousand rupees and two gates and chaired fence, where was Haji Shafi? Their families want to occupy grazing grounds by planting saplings in the surroundings.

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According to sources, Haji Shafi demanded that his father-in-law rebelled to spread cattle goat. Shafi's claim has broken my old barricade of my possession and occupied my place by the name of graveyard. Meanwhile, the people of the cemetery have informed the Upazila chairman and UP chairman about this incident on phone, said Fazal Kader Babul. If the situation is seen, anger is on the side of the grave people. There can be bloody clashes between both of them at any time. Sources say a major event can happen if the administration does not act quickly.

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