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'I remember drawing / thirsting / love is his name'. It is the name of a divine feeling; That's just a nineteenth house. In the mind, the water of a river of Gomti was lifted secretly in the mind. This river is named by the poets 'love'.

Love partner; Human beings In each other's confidence and love they build houses and start their journey. Love, love and nest - are made in this way. If there is no confidence in each other, there is a company; But the family is not. Along with happiness and sadness, one has to depend on each other for the sake of the world. The union of men and women is only happiness-peace. They may depend on each other, either selflessly or selfish. But this selfishness should also be called love.

Huday has different forms, feelings, imagination, love and love prevailed. In the meantime, a strong desire was developed on the basis of rules and regulations. The other name of the desire is said to be desired. This is the driving force of the human mind. If you lose your will, it will be worthless to survive. Then he had to try hard to get himself back. Who am I, where do I come from, where is my destination? You have to throw a question to yourself. Then the nature will tell it like a poem-

'Everyone crosses the ground, the stones, the snow, and goes to the vacuum.

But I have reached here through the void.

... because I'm from zero, the rock is like a bird's egg

The rich people feel the world inside the chest.

What is warm, what the sea is filled with,

Snowflake glow in the shape of a diamond.

. This is my soul mine

There is, unsteady swings. "


This is how love is known to know yourself. And to surrender love can be all your privacy. Then all hands in love.

When the man of love will go away forever, then there is a loneliness around a loneliness. The fate makes people lonely. But for the sake of his touch, for that one face, once I lost my favorite man, I am still lonely life. Everything else is there but nothing is there. Then I feel, a masky hand is dragging me on the surface and going towards an unknown unknown sea. I'm going to protest without leaving the eyes open. Just as I am leaving a river bank. A magician called me with a name and just moved forward. All the scenes are disappearing and my body disappears. But where are you going? It's my unknown. I have not been able to pass through all the intersections of a known tropatore field. Now my strength does not help me anymore. I'm just going to flow through the river and become the ambassador of another.


Love-love is the most deadly organic poison in the world. Because of love there is a man standing in the eye with his eyes on the eyes in front of death. When all is defeated, people still stand face to face in the battlefield. Because people can do this, he writes poetry and does not want to die. At the same time we say, this is the man-woman tied together. Standing on the world's most creative works All artists respected humanity, love at the same time and sometimes respected the love of love.

The man of love then becomes eternally close to one another. Being shadowed by each other, keeping them in the forefront leads to life.

I see you covered my house

Body, light of health, some signs of masculinity

The plant is covered with insect plants

Even the mouth of the woman, the finite

The hinge of the flesh.

Poetry is covered in bias

Industrial seats.

You have to hide


Alas! Awesome poets!


It's a phase of human-human love. Two different people live in bondage of love and live together. Interests, conflicts, anger, anger, jealousy, suspicion; These are the characteristics of man. These elements exist in the mind of two humans tied to love bonding. Living together in love or living a life does not mean that sacrifice is a sacrifice. Human behavior, characteristics are all different. Even after living a life, is one of them known?

Living under one blanket. I think it's a big deal
Every night he is strangers on his side,
The wet mouth of the zoster milk itself dry
Draw yourself on your own. Bada foam spreading in churn.

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