Stormy life on the Bosphorus and stunning colors of the sky!

5 months ago
in life


Today mysterious weather in Istanbul... The morning was cool and raining. After lunch it was very warm. And in the evening swam beautiful clouds over the Bosphorus, and eclipsed its colors the sky.

The lovers wrapped up with baby soft, and looked, cooing the romantic Bosphorus. Another couple passed with a beautiful heart-ball, which still gave the atmosphere of romance.

All languidly seated on a Friday in a cafe and sipping gulls. Ahead of the weekend and it all warms the soul!

Ships as soldiers tirelessly furrow the waters of the Bosphorus today.

The lights of the first bridge across the Bosphorus.

Tower constantly maintains control of traffic in the water expanse and glowing lights.

All must be recognized by the picture on the backdrop of the magnificent colours and the old bridge.

The girl saw that I removed the Bosphorus and decided to take refuge. But I was interested in her bright coat for contrast.

Who is waving his arms and rods, in General, life, as always, goes on.

Here comes the sunset...

Thank you for your attention! Today is another wonderful day! All good sentiments!

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I think it is a beautiful weather, I like it so much because it so romantic.


I also like this weather, the sea sunset with a Cup of hot coffee, romance))


Yes sure, living with beautiful nature , our live will be bloom like flower.