How to make Shahi Zilpi

2 months ago

A new item is available daily in the daily iftar of roast month. But one item is available every day, it is the favorite of all the Zilpi. Find out how to make the easiest and at a low cost, Shahi Jilpi:

Flour one and a half cup, one teaspoon of baking powder, two tablespoons of sugarcane, salt slightly, water 4-6 table spoons and white color slightly

For Sierra
Sugar two cups of water, three cups of water, cardamom 3, ghee slightly. Oil for frying.

How to do
First, after burning the sugar and water, after a few minutes you will make a paste. Mix half a teaspoon of ghee in syraa.

Mix the flour with baking powder and yogurt. Mix the water a little bit and mix it a bit. Keep in mind that it is not too thick.

Take a mixture of clean packet or zipper in a sauce bottle.

When the oil is hot in the pan, pressing a packet or a bottle, sprinkle the zippers with medium-sized jalappi medium and then fry them on both sides.

Keep 4/5 minutes with lightly fried ceramic fried jelly. Take away the wonderful fun Shahi Jilpi

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