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Funny Pew Die Pie Cringe Tuesday. Walk around town. Good Mexican food. Talk about modern culture compared with the dark ages. Interesting to see Alex Jones blowhorn at the White House Tuesday, as in yesterday. Good to see them return. Washed the truck. Good to talk about games, movies.

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Info Wars


I went outside to water the garden like I have doing each day in April 2019 at 06:00 AM PST and looked in the container and it appears that the mouse died either because it was too cold outside or maybe also as the mouse was already sick possibly and probably had a broken leg and other problems already.

Father Knows Best

06:00 AM - The daughter, Betty, was struggling at school and her parents tried putting the pieces together and couldn't until the end. Betty was jealous of the new girl from Chicago. Boys at school would whistle at her and she came over to cry a bit to Betty saying she couldn't understand why Betty doesn't like her. Others didn't either. Betty told her that they were jealous. They became friends. At the end, the father, as he listened, smiled, oh the whistling business.

Father Knows Best

06:30 AM - This family mirrors my mom's family, the same number of family members, two daughters, one son. The father does real estate just like my mom's dad. In this episode, Bud got a newspaper printing press job so he could have money for dating girls and stuff. Oh, for dating girls and for taking girls out, his words, not mine. It was tough. The boss was specific in how he wanted things done. Bud's friend quit. Well, the boss knew he was going to quit and told him what to do. He didn't have to say a word. He had eyes on the back of his head and on the sides. The boss gave Bud another job before Bud went to quit and the other employer mentioned the praise he heard of Bud being dependable and everything. Bud realized his former boss was not that bad and then he decided not to really quit and went back. It was tough as he was like too tired to do homework. But he didn't quit.

Cutting Grass

11:59 AM - I couldn't find the weed wacker machine. So, I didn't edge hedge the sides, corners, but the lawn is cut. Driveways and sidewalks are swept. It appears that the lawn mower has a leak in the lid for the gas. But then again, it may be an air hole and not a leak. If you look at the lid, you can see a design in the lid with three or four air holes in the lid for the gas. So, it is like a water bottle lid but with three small holes that can be closed by turning the inner circle inside the lid which then closes the air holes a little. When I went to cut grass, I saw some gas come through the air holes as I started and then it stops coming out after about 20 seconds or so. I am not sure if this is normal for lawn mowers or not.

Pew Die Pie

08:31 AM - Cringe Tuesdays Video - Also saw a clip from Kevin Knight as he became a knight. This video was an ad to the Pew Die Pew video. Kevin learned to speak a bit of fake old English, the accent. The queen knighted him and the other guy. They performed to the crowd and Kevin had an epic death scene. OJ reference. The glove. Not Michael Jackson. The glove doesn't fit. Whatever happened to OJ Simpson?

Dead Mouse

12:17 PM - Mighty Mouse is Not Here to Save the Day - It appeared to have an injured leg or two. It may have been sick. I put it in a big cage with water, food, bedding, outside, last night, and this morning it appeared to be cold and dead. What is the Hanta Virus? They told me about that on Facebook. Use bleach. Clean everything up. Remedy to it? Around 12 PM and 1 PM, they returned from their trip.

Finding Cures

02:10 PM - Facebook - Remedy to viruses is generally and fundamentally rooted in your immune system. They may say there are no vaccines, no cures. However, the remedy would be in aiding and in supplementing your immune system as much as possible. Of course, there are no guarantees and it depends on your immune system in fighting it and it depends on the viruses and how much of it is in your body. But the least you can do is to support and cultivate your immune system as often as you can. That's natural remedy 101. There are exceptions to these principles, but this is a good philosophy to start with nonetheless.

Immune Cures

02:15 PM - Top Ten - Remedies include garlic, lemon, green tea, etc.

Last To Laugh

02:17 PM - Joke - haha sorry, i am slow, i was on the short bus just kidding... i am the last to laugh in many cases cuz i am that kid that stands in the back, "But why didn't the blond try harder to open the door to the convertable car at the bottom of the river and drown huh?" oh, yeah... Opa Tom Helus: "Are you experiencing a deepening of hue? ..... no... You said they black listed you. Hue is color. Deepening was poetic for darkening... Therefore, when you said you were Black listed, I jokingly asked if what made you think you were Black listed was that you were becomming more black. It was purely a one liner joke.... I could have also joked "they blacklisted you? You're not even a negro!"... But it's more controversial lol..."

Game of Thrones

02:23 PM - Jack Posobiec and Alex Jones Talk - Post-Modernism

Car Wash

03:00 PM - Car washed the truck until 5 PM. Then, we walked around town. Two parks. Train. Walmart. Talked Game of Thrones, Metal Gear, Dexter, morality, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, war, Star Wars, Fringe, Rick & Morty, a burrito, marriage, Alex Jones, end of the world, Player One, Matrix, culture, girls, snow. Cold hands. QUit your job at Walmart. Too much demand. I am sad. Maybe. Also low self-esteem? Yes. No. Many things. Hiding. Blending in. Can perform on stage.


08:18 PM - Internet 3.0 vs ISP Hell - @BannerMan, peer to peer networking is the Internet and you do not have to have an ISP to connect your phone to your computer. When you transfer files from your phone to your computer, that is the Internet, P2P. It is like dominoes. Bit Torrent for example. Steemit is a big example of this. You don't have to be like a really big ISP thing yourself to transfer files via USB from your phone to your computer for example. The ISP is not the middle man between the phone and the computer. Instead, the files go directly from your phone to your computer. The Internet can be like that but on larger scales. Like Sub Stratum for example. People are working on these projects to go around ISP to do P2P networking which is decentralized and better than going through centralized ISP and other things.

Criminals Right to Vote

08:31 PM - Funny Video - Is the Subway Guy Jarrod in jail now in real life?

Disney Buying Fox

08:54 PM - 71 Billion Dollars Aquisition - Geeks & Gamers - Disney Cuts Original Movies From Fox - The Disney Takeover Begins

Infowars Jobs

08:58 PM - Opportunity - I would love to work for Infowars but I'm not really a tech guy.

Nintendo vs Ma'am

09:01 PM - Amazing Lucas - Nintendo says NO Ma'am!

Oranges vs Orange Juice

09:06 PM - Drugs vs Man-Made Drugs - Oranges vs orange juice. I prefer oranges because our bodies should eat the juice and pulp together because it is complete like seven days is complete. Orange juice is man-made. But in specific situations, orange juice can help. Likewise, drugs, same same.

Infowars WIFI

09:12 PM - Good idea here. - Didn't David Knight promote Substratum which does this?


09:23 PM - @prettynicevideo - TALK TALK : TESLA; MAN OF THE LIGHT - History buries great people like him. Thanks for sharing. Speaking of bury, I was going to resteem this but it's been ten days, too late to share this, it has been buried.

Game of Thrones

09:29 PM - New Person - Julia, will the Queen of Dragons let Jon Snow be the king of the seven kingdoms? I cannot wait to see. I know she wants to be the queen. But she does love Jon and they should rule together as king and queen and Jon could let her make most of the decisions.

Powerful Surprise

09:32 PM - Trump lets this person speak dynamite.


09:57 PM - Essen, may you live 200 years. People should have a baby face like yours. I love travel too. I love your photos. Love your smile.

Essen Blocked Me?

09:58 PM - I can't write to @essen.vicente and I don't know why. Did she block me on Steemit or what? I click to write to her and it says invalid characters. I didn't do anything unusual. I wrote to the comments in her post but I can't reply to her directly. Britt, I think @essen.vicente blocked me on Steemit because I can't reply to her but I can reply to you on her own thread. I get an error when I try to send her comment but I can send you a comment. I don't get it.

Jasmine Model

10:10 PM - @gemseven - photoshoot "Monocromy " - My favorite is the blue as it reminds me of Aladdin's Jasmine and love the hair as well in that. beautiful. Good work.

5G is like Vaccines

10:29 PM - Infowars WIFI Debate - The problem with 5G has to do with how the radio waves interact with our DNA. The general term of the fifth generation (5G) is as empty and as vague and as meaningless as a vaccine for example. In other words, vaccines can be good but many vaccines are bad because of what they put in the vaccines. In theory, 5G could be good too like vaccines can be good, but it depends on how 5G is done, the specifics. Trump probably doesn't know this. I really hope somebody could say all of this to Trump and then I would hope Trump would get it.

5G Debate

10:35 PM - Debate Time - @Paladin is right that 5G is bad. @Profesor is right that 5G would be harmless in theory if done in a harmless way, hypothetically, allegedly, like vaccines without mercury.

Black Mirror

10:51 PM - 11:43 PM - Watching - Black Mirror 402 - Arkangel - Nanny Cam style grain thing. They stuck a thing in the daughter's head when she was a kid after she got lost once. They actually do this in real life. So, the mom had a tablet computer that monitor her child. With the controls, mom censored things her baby would see. The dog became blurry. THe dog was scary. Bad words were beeped out so her kid could not hear them. When the daughter was 15, she had sex and then took some drugs with this boy. She got pregnant. Mom snuck a morning after-pill in her morning smoothy. A school nurse told her that she is no longer pregant. She ran home, looked through the garbage to find the pill wrapper. She ran around looking for her baby monitor, the tablet. She found it and got mad. SHe packed her bags. When mom came home, the daughter beat her own mother's face in whith the tablet as mom violated her 4th amendment just like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and others, do in real life. The mark of the beast is real. The mom has a bloody face and I thought she was dead. Like with when she got lost as a kid, this scared mom. She ran outside to look for her. Too bad the tablet is now broken and they refuse to take the thing out of her daughter's brain. The daughter hitch hiked up onto a truck and ran away, the end.

Black Mirror

11:54 PM - 12:58 AM - Watching - Black Mirror 404 - Crocodile - They hit a biker by accident on a snowy mountain road. THe biker died. So, they bumped him in the river. Years later, the man wants to tell the biker's lover. The woman is now married to somebody. The man siad he would tell the lover. She thinks that would send her to jail. So, she kills him. A cute Indian girl detective is using technology to solve crimes. She sticks this thing to a person's forehead and asks them about the crimescenes and what they remember. It then appears on her monitor. She eventually asks the girl who might have saw a crime, somebody getting hit by a car outside. She looked out the window after murdering her partner and saw the crime. The Indian lady saw that she was not only looking at porn as her lullably but also murdered her partner. She got scared and went to leave. But the lady knew and killed her. Before doing so, stuck the thing to her head and found out where her husband and baby were and she went and killed them. But then CSI came and stuck the thing to the guinea pig which was able to ID that woman who was then watching her son in like a school play. The episode ends with the police asking somebody where that woman was, and they point at her in the audience. They were all wrong.

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