[Istanbul]: Yildiz Moran - Turkey's first female academic photographer

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Every photographer sees life in his own way. It is very interesting to observe the modern art of photography. Today we will visit the exhibition in Istanbul. I really liked the work of the Turkish photographer Yildiz Moran. The exhibition of photographs takes place in the Museum of modern art of Istanbul. Who will come to this beautiful city, be sure to visit the Museum of modern art. Here is a cluster of very interesting expositions. The exhibition of photos of  Yildiz Moran will last until may 12, 2019.

Yildiz Moran is the first Turkish woman to become a famous academic photographer. Unfortunately Yildiz Moran died in 1995 at the age of 63. But the art of photography still lives in the hearts of people all over the world.

12 years Yildiz Moran devoted herself to the art of photography. She put her heart and soul into her work. Each photo is a short and colorful moment of a separate life.

Certainly, creativity, Yeliz Moran struck me to the core. Each photo is very deeply filled with life meaning and feelings. Modern photographers must study the work of Turkish women photographer. She brought many moments of life in the direction of photography.

Right photo-Cappadocia, 1955

A retrospective exhibition of Yildiz Moran's best works, selected from approximately 8,000 negatives made between 1950-1962, was first held at the Pen Museum in 2013. 

The career of the first female photographer of Turkey with academic education began with a great passion. Yildiz Moran was a student of the famous photographer John Vickers. 

Her first solo exhibition was held in Cambridge. Later her works also appeared at photo exhibitions in Istanbul, Ankara, London and Edinburgh.

Top row of photos from left to right: 

  1. Adalet Cimcoz, 1955, Istanbul
  2. Ozdemir Asaf, 1955, Istanbul
  3. Anadolu, 1955, Anatolia
  4. Cevat Sakir, 1955, Istanbul
  5. Inci Moran, 1955, Istanbul
  6. Mersin, 1955

An exhibition of photographs Yildiz and caught Moran in Istanbul, held under the title "Mountain fairy-tale"

1956, Van

1955, Antalya


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Beautiful Photography, thank you for sharing with us. :0)


Thanks! My mother and I were delighted with the work of the photographer! Spent in the Museum 4 hours)