[Istanbul]: Night views and cafe Mado

2 months ago

 Hi friends! 

Invite for a Cup of tea in the center of Istanbul, Uskudar. I really like to watch from the height of all the lights in the Bosphorus

I like to drink Turkish tea only in Turkey. But we also bring home to Odessa. Even the two-storey Turkish kettle is. But we rarely brew it in Odessa. Perhaps the atmosphere not the...

Here is the old district of Istanbul-Uskudar. Very close to the Bosphorus. Evening views in Istanbul are beautiful!

The interior of the four-storey café Mado in Üsküdar

Everything is very clean and beautiful. Here you can eat main dishes and enjoy Turkish sweets

The view from the height is very attractive to come here. This is the last floor of the cafe, there is an open area without Windows. Seagulls will always greet you and ask you for food. I love taking pictures of them and feeding them;)


 Until next time, @r3benok 

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Yet again amazing photography mate looks amazing and the Turkish Tea wow that to looks great, I am going to have to try it. Thank you mate


Thank you for your attention!

brother hope you forgate me.but i wait when register discord you.


Thank you for your persistence! No time, a lot of work)))

I hope I can be there. Flag becuase we have limit the reward.

Beautiful shots my friend! Kudos


Thank you my friend!

brother how are you?


;) It's okay! Trading takes all the time)))