[Fhoto]: Istanbul is rich with waves of the Bosphorus

3 months ago

 Hi friends!

I really miss the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Today I want to once again show the beauty of nature in the world.

Cats are an integral part of Istanbul. They even act like actors. Great pose for the camera, it is rare to meet. In Odessa cats are less available;)

A separate topic is the Maiden tower on the Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is so beautiful, but the tower is his native addition. Even it is difficult to imagine, if would not was such a beautiful Union.

The Bosphorus is the most popular place for lovers

Europe and Asia are connected by the Bosphorus. When you stand on the shore or in the center of the Bosphorus - it is an indescribable impression. For me it's like the center of the world;)

Birds like kings of the Bosphorus swim very smoothly and calmly on the waves...

To admire the Bosphorus can be infinite. There is a tremendous purification of the brain from slag and debris.

In warm time you can always take a thermos with coffee or tea, sandwiches and go for a day to relax on the Bosphorus

These photos are obtained in the evening.

The ships on the Bosphorus are everywhere and completely different. You can admire it forever... I love to look at the ships. They are like our lives...

In the distance you can see the Hagia Sophia, the Blue mosque And the Palace of sultans

Welcome to Istanbul!


 Until next time, @r3benok 

 Author's photo of the iPhone 6S+

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What a beautiful place to live in!
Kudos my friend!


Thank you!