Rebecca is on Serey!

8 months ago

Greetings everyone!

It's good to know you're there. Seeing a lot that has been happening here makes me feel that this is an awesome platform.
I leant about serey on whaleshares, then decided to check out, here I am now.


I am a student, 23 years old. I love singing and reading. I play and joke a lot.
My name is Rebecca.

Serey is a promising platform, given the road map I read somewhere.
I'll join you all to make serey a destination of choice. I'll do that by creating quality articles, as well as contribute my quota to the continuous improvement of the platform.

I am your friend, sister, maybe your lover. I am Rebecca. Thanks for your support.

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@rebecadan welcome to serey.

WElcome @rebecadan. I hope indeed that you can contribute with original and high quality articles. They are highly appreciated here. :)

Welcome to Serey Community and thank you for join☺