Hi! This is Rezoanul Vibes

6 months ago

When you join any platform, your introduction post should be the first post. That's good to make an introduction post. Well, when I join any platform, I usually make some posts first, try to understand the platform, and then make my introduction post.

I think what you do after joining any platform like your content, comment, the way you communicate with other people, everything defines who you are as a person.

I am a content creator. I am passionate about lifestyle, fitness, and martial arts. I usually write about life, healthy lifestyle, fitness and sometimes I write whatever I feel like writing. You can find me on Steemit, Scorum, Trybe, Weku, and Whaleshares. Whatever you do, if that adds value to the lives of others, that's a great achievement, I think.

I see some amazing photography posts on Serey. I love taking pictures when I see something interesting or beautiful.

Flower China Rose.jpg

Well, I'm not a professional photographer. I took the picture with my cell phone. I love natural beauty. Let me share with you another picture.

Natural beauty - trees, water, field and skey.jpg

Maybe sometimes I will make photography post on Serey. When I have free time, I go out to spend some time in nature. It feels great. I just love it.

We are living in a great era. We can do a lot of things that was just a dream before. You can express yourself the way you want. There are no restrictions. Platforms like Serey give us a great opportunity to share everything that we are passionate about and we will get rewards for our contribution. I'm happy to be here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Don't be shy, please say Hi in the comment section. See you around!

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