6 months ago

Hello lovelies!

New Month, new platform. My name is Vivian, aka Lovelyn. It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you all. I’m 24, a graduate of Business Administration, a writer and an activist.


A friend motivated me to join serey, and I'm ever grateful for that opportunity. All along, I've been busy wasting my time, energy and resources on Facebook, uploading pictures, creating posts, commenting on posts, and lots more, all I could get is a mere number of likes that add no value to my life.

Though I found it a bit difficult to believe that one could register free on a platform, create contents there and be rewarded for it, having been around here for the past few days, I now can believe and salute the efforts of the administrative team of this platform.

Seeing the vision of the CEOs, I can say that there are still people across the world, having the interest of others at heart. While social media CEOs enrich themselves with their users resources, serey Admins thought of rewarding their users fairly, for the resources. I will take serey to everyone out there.

I wish serey was established years ago. Right away, I feel so cheated for my time, energy and resources wasted on social media platforms.


Thank you so much for welcoming me!
Let me be your number one fan!

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Hello @lovelyn, you are welcome.


Thank you

Welcome @lovelyn to Serey Member 👏👏👏 We are happy for your join here. Thank you so much.


I'm grateful

Hi Vivian!
Welcome to Serey!
I like the way Serey CEO thinks.
They have a vision and are working for that.

Hope you like it here.


Thanks so much

Welcome to the platform and we are happy to have you here.



Thanks a lot

welcome to serey family.


Thank you

You arebeauty ful girl

Welcome to serey