13 days ago

hello all serey community. on this occasion I will introduce myself.


introduce my name is 21 years old mala hayati from indonesia.

As a beginner or ordinary human, there must be many shortcomings and mistakes, such as the phrase "The most valuable lesson is learning yourself" these words I always remember and make motivation, so that I can correct myself in various ways, even in activities, always feel that humans are far from perfection, so for that please let my friends give input to me, so that my posts will be useful. Next I want to inform you that, later my post will use google translet, so when there are less precise languages ​​or imperfect sentences through posting, please understand.
Thus my brief introduction, hopefully we are all successful.

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Anda menggunakan gambar yang diambil dari google, bisakah anda menunjukkan identitas yang nyata, "berfoto sambil memegang gambar saya telah bergabung di serey pada tanggal :"

Can you prove who you are by holding up a serey sign because this image is from google and we have to make sure there is no stolen identity on serey. Thank you

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selamat datang