Hey Serey, its Flames

8 months ago

Its finally nice to be here.
@dee-y told me about this amazing platform. And i bet ill be having a great time.
I am from the most amazing country in Africa, Nugeria. The giant of Africa and the jewel of nations.
Am Adeniran Victor..
I enjoy writing, as it gives my person an expression....flows.
I love music too, especially blues. Celine Dion, Brain Mcknight, Ed Sheeran and definitely Westlife have shaped my thoughs on music. Enya is still my most loved musician. I love the bliss that comes with her voice,

I am a web developer. Html5 and CSS..i love scratch building and also proficient with wordpress. A beginner at JavaScript and definitely narrowing my part to game design and software development.

I am a bug fan of anime and games. Lol...am a geek and a freak too.
I love to look good and i admire beauty.

Am also of the school of thought that everyone no matter how manytimes youve failed, you are still amazing.
Success is not about the result, its about the character changes in the process.

Sometimes, i coukd be very lazy and at other times, i can outwork hardwork.
I love talking with people, i love being a source of inspiration and adding values to their lives,

I read books a whole lot too. Financial literacy books, relationship building and leadershio books.
Better than good by the legendary Zig ziglar has changed my thoughts about life,
The Richest man in babylon by George opened me to a world of financial possibilities,
Presently reading the 5 love languages too.
The slight edge by jeff olsen is a book i would want everyone to read.

The life stories of men like Bezos, Buffet, and the facebook guru motivate me.and i so much love Robert Kiyosaki

I believe there is no limit to life, and pur schooling system has kicked education out of it and only builds us to be kob seekers, something i plan to change with time and resources.

I am a big fan of Ford, as a matter of fact, though there are better cars than the ford Mustang, i just so juch love that car, i need one..lol.

I am family oriented and i love God heartily.
I love love, even cupid wonders at my love.

So,how about you, can i meet you?

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Welcome to serey my friend. :) am glad you could make it here.