Odessa national medical University. Monument to medical workers

6 months ago

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Today, a small tour of the alley Valikhovsky and Olgievskaya street in the city of Odessa. Here is the main building of the famous Odessa national medical University (onmu). The profession of a doctor is a human vocation. One of the most difficult and important professions in the world. To form the thinking of a physician, it takes a lot of work from a person and the duration of training.

In the old style, the medical University was opened in 1900 on September 1. At first there was a faculty at the Novorossiysk University, and in modern medical University 12 academic buildings and 608 classrooms. The University opened a large electronic and classical library, the Fund of which is more than 800 thousand books. The University provides dormitories for non-residents and foreigners, there are six of them. The hostels can accommodate 3000 students.

106 doctors of Sciences, 410 candidates of medical Sciences are working on the preparation of future doctors. Among the teaching staff of 20 honored academics. Close international cooperation in the scientific world has led to the fact that the University has 42 members of foreign academies. During the existence of the University, almost 75,000 doctors have been trained. About 10,000 doctors are citizens of other countries.

Today the University has 6 faculties and 58 departments. The total number of students of the medical University is about 6000 people. Of these, citizens of other countries-1400 people. The University cooperates with 52 countries. Languages of training - Ukrainian, Russian, English. Special attention is paid to scientific developments and training of graduate students.

In recent years, the University opened its own research and treatment departments and diagnostic centers. Research is being conducted in the areas of molecular genetic and cellular medicine. Actively being developed a biophysical direction.

On the street Olgiasca, 2 is the building where he worked 53 years well-known academician Vladimir Petrovich Filatov. On the house hangs a memorial plaque with a portrait of the great doctor and hero of socialist labor. Now in this building is the center of the microsurgical clinic of the University.

The learning process takes place in the Bologna system. Independent assessment of knowledge and distance learning has long been implemented at the University.

What qualities should a modern doctor have? Dedication, kindness, philanthropy, resilience, courage, morals, attention, sensitivity, resilience, diligence, humanism, generosity and can still long to enumerate this list...  Even from Greece went the tradition to swear Hippocrates (Hippocratis jus-jurandum). This tradition has been preserved in our time. V. I. Rudnev translates the Hippocratic oath as follows:

I swear by Apollo physician, by Asclepius, Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, taking them as witnesses, to perform honestly, respectively, my powers and my understanding, the following oath and written commitment: to consider medical taught me the art equally with my parents, to share with him their wealth and, if necessary, to assist him in his needs... I will direct the regime of the sick to their benefit, consistent with my strength and my understanding, refraining from causing any harm and injustice. I will not give anyone the lethal remedy I ask for and show no way for such a plan... Clean and pure I will spend my life and my art. Whatever house I enter, I will enter for the benefit of the sick, far from everything intentional, unrighteous, and pernicious...What would the treatment – and also without treatment – I have not seen or heard about human life from what should not ever be disclosed, I will keep silent about, considering such things a mystery. To me, who fulfills the oath, may happiness in life and in art and glory be given to all people for eternal times; to him who transgresses and makes a false oath, let him be the opposite of it.

The main building of the onmu has an updated student alley this year. In the depths of the alley is a monument in honor of the dead medical workers, teachers, students during the great Patriotic war. On the walk days are held the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war with a parade of students of the Academy.

The post of rector of the medical University is academician Valery Nikolaevich Zaporozhan. Honored worker of science and technology, as well as the winner of the state prize of Ukraine.

Architectural groups of buildings of the University attract attention with their beauty.

There are where students and walk, a lot of trees make this area very green and colorful.

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