Difference Between Running Shoes and Walking Shoes

6 months ago

When you go out for a walk or run, you wear shoes. Have you ever thought of wearing shoes that support you most while running or walking?

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The thing is, running shoes and walking shoes are not the same. Walking shoes can be stiff while running shoes should be flexible. Let's read the difference between running shoes and walking shoes that you should know.


When Runners are running, it put more pressure on their shoes than walkers. So running shoes have more cushioning in the forefoot and heel. On the other hand, a walker does not need that much cushioning on walking shoes. You will find this difference between running shoes and walking shoes.

Heel height and heel flare

When runners run, they strike the ground with different parts of their feet. It is different than a walker. As a result, running shoes are designed in a different way in order to give more stability and flexibility. You will see that running shoes are higher than walking shoes. Not only that, running shoes are more flared than walking shoes and it provides more support.



Whether it is running shoes or walking shoes, flexibility is really important. When you buy shoes, you should check out the flexibility of the shoes. Running shoes are usually more flexible than walking shoes. If your shoes are stiff, you will not feel comfortable while running or walking.

Motion control

When runners run, the shoes they wear can support their feet or it can hurt their feet. Nowadays most running shoes give motion control to provide more support. It offers you extra stability.

Weight and design

If you go to the market to buy shoes, you will find a variety of design. That is pretty cool. You have more options to choose your shoes that you want. When you buy shoes, you should pay attention to the weight of your shoes as well. Running shoes are lighter than walking shoes so that you can run fast.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Hope this will help you choose your shoes. If you want to add something or express your thoughts, please feel free to comment below. I'd love to get your feedback.

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