Snake In My Room

2 months ago

After church today, I was just sitting by my laptop about to open discord and check my notifications when my sister started shouting, snake snake snake. She had come to my room to put something she had taken earlier back.

Alarmed, I got up to check if indeed there was a snake. I went out to look for a stick to kill it but it had hidden itself behind my wardrobe. I couldn't move the wardrobe alone and kill it, so I called a neighbor.

With the help of my neighbor, we could kill it easily. From the video, you would think I did nothing, but I'm the one who got to the snake first. I weakened it for my neighbor to kill it. Anyways, I want to thank God for saving me.

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Wow that's scary. Was the snake venomous?


No it isn't, but I was still scared.

Please be careful with it.


Thank you, we burnt it at the end.