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5 months ago

The practice of cooking in an airless space has deep roots. For centuries, cooks wrapped products in leaves, baked in clay or cooked in fat. The insulation made it possible to achieve better texture, prevented drying, and also increased the shelf life.

Despite the fact that Sous vide literally means "under vacuum", packaging plays a secondary role. The determining factor of Suvida is the precise control of temperature and its maintenance.
So, Suvid is a method of cooking, in which products placed in an airless environment (vacuum bags or containers with pumped air) are prepared at a certain temperature.

The temperature is maintained by a submersible thermostat equipped with a heater, a temperature sensor and a pump that circulates the water.

Why is it necessary?
Suvid technology has a number of advantages over other types of cooking:

  1. the lack of oxygen prevents the oxidation of products, and the packaging keeps moisture from evaporation.
  2. Vacuum extends shelf life.
  3. in low-temperature cooking is carried out uniform heating of the entire product, and the ability to control the temperature mode allows you to get exactly what you need (roasting steaks, poached egg).
  4. Cooking at low temperatures allows you to save nutrients.
  5. sous vide does not require constant concentration.

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