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Hi friends!

Today we go to visit the cafe, which is located near the Central square in Uskudar.

As you may have guessed, the walk will be sweet!

The café is called "Hakki Zade" and dates back to 1864. The institution is named after the founder. The story goes that back in 1864 Hakki Zade started making sweets and opened a small cafe. Until now, the brand is alive and there are many cafes in different areas of Istanbul.

This is the square in Uskudar, where the cafe is located.

This is the same Hakki Zade, who decided to make life sweeter.

The café is decorated in Ottoman style. Everywhere clean and tidy.

Beautiful lamps and Turkish ornaments give the institution a very beautiful view.

Sweets here for any color and taste. All beautifully pack, if you want to take home Goodies.

Very beautiful carved tables and everywhere mustachioed uncle looks at you.

The menu is very varied... Who have a sweet tooth, that is very lucky!

But we were interested in baklava and even special cakes, forgot their name.

Colorful menu...

This is what we ordered. You know that Turkish people eat in one restaurant, drink tea in another, sweets in the third and so on...

So, after the restaurant we went to eat sweets and drink coffee.

Summary very simple: I did not like the sweetness of this company. Once again, I am convinced that not all the gold that glitters.

Will be in Istanbul, I do not advise this cafe. I may be a little spoiled, but I'm very selective about sweets. In the cafe eat sweets much tastier. But the best baklava in Karakoy, I already wrote about it. If you want to taste real and delicious Turkish sweets, go to Karaköy Güllüoğlu.

Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+

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Wow! the food looks delicious


It's really delicious)