Why we see nightmares: some explanation part-03

7 months ago

People see so many things from sleeping that do not look awake

It is said to be eaten or dreamed. In the dream, the human spirit travels to the cosmos and the celestial bodies and sees what is not seen in awakening. This is called spiritual feeling. In the dream, all the situations come forward, which makes the dreamer wonder. It is best not to tell anyone about dreams. The dream can be told to anyone who knows the interpretation of dreams. But remember, no one can interpret the dream's final conclusions. If the Creator dreams of a dream, then the creator should apologize to the Creator if he is grateful and bad dreams. Sleeping methods also affect the dreams. For this reason should sleep in the Sunni system

Let's know, what could be the reason for some nightmares.

6. Any animal or any sprayed worm nightmare

It may be your cologne, spider, lizards or snakes, frogs and phobia. So why would they come to the dream?


In such a nightmare you are but the conqueror Seeing the spider in the dream can win the fear, and can not do it again. It depends on the strength of your mind. It is understandable that you have no power to protect you against any negative thoughts in your life. There may be different meaning to see snakes in dreams. But in general, if you see a snake in a dream, you will understand that you are gradually getting out of any trouble situation.

7. Nightmare for the nightmare

Someone who wants to kidnap? The mouth is not clear at all.


In this dream, the image of not being able to cope with any situation or situation can be reflected in the image. Running seems to be the only way to escape. In such a situation, you have to find out what is going on continuously despite the fact that you are not working.

8. Nightmare fall

Suddenly falling from the mountain or sea to the ocean fell asleep? Do not be surprised


If you feel the lack of freedom and power of life, you can see such dreams. There is no end to the expectation, so this nightmare may have ended! If you lose control over any subject in life, you can look back on such dreams.

Actually, we have three levels in our sleep. The night of nightmare is Rapid Eye Movement (REM), the last third of the sleeping phase. The first stage is the slip onset, the second slip is the light slip, then the third and the fourth stage is the Deep Sleep or Rapid Eye Movement Stage. At this stage, nightmares are mostly seen.

Finally, pull out today's writing with a funny story. A researcher named Carol Washerman said that on the night that he had finished dinner with shrimp, he used to spend a restless night in a nightmare on a terrible nightmare. Later he stopped shrimp and ended the nightmare.

The result of which he said that the result was such that - he had a strong allergy problem and he was not aware of it. So he used to spend nights on the wings of nightmares from the shrimps.

It is not only due to more anxiety, but also from night to night than night.


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