Why we see nightmares: some explanation part-02

7 months ago

We know that some of the changes in brain activity in sleep have changed

But then our idea about what is right is very floating. Even experts are giving only theories about different aspects of sleeping conditions. However, experts tell specific information about different aspects of the dream.

It has been long believed that in our sleep, our brain processes the day-to-day activities and events. As long as it is going, new research is supporting this concept. Psychologist Rubin Naiman, a psychiatrist at the University of Arizona in the United States, compared the brain to digestion, saying, "During the night, the brain swells in symbolic sense (everything in the whole day), digested it and extracted extract from it."

Let's know, what could be the reason for some nightmares.

3. Forget important events or schedule of exams

Generally, the nightmare of student life seems to be a mistake, saying such a dream will not be a big mistake. Examples of this dream of not being able to answer any questions in the examination or in the examination.

Answer: This nightmare can be seen only when external pressure or self-esteem happens to you too much. It is largely manifested in the inner-minded unrest.

4. Tooth fall and blood flow

In your dream, your toes in front of you have fallen into awe. Being bleeding?

Answer: Such nostalgia is due to life's insecurity or anxiety.

5. Nightmare hit

Someone has killed you nose You could not give him two thousand tries!

Answer: Such nightmares are basically created from any weakness in personal life. In the nightmare, your brain injury is a reflection of real life weaknesses.

Will run.

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