Tron in 2019- Expect True Growth

6 months ago

cryptocurrency-3409725_1920.jpgMainstream adoption and organic growth are key to cryptocurrency adoption and survival. The cryptocurrency bear market of 2017-2019 has made this hard for many projects. With a total market cap of $1.78 billion and coin price of $0.027, this large cap cryptocurrency has slot of volume and liquidity that help to give it credence in the eyes of investors. Tron, TRX coin, is a cryptocurrency that will not only survive, but thrive in 2019.

Tron made the news last month when it posted a titanic 134% monthly price growth. The cause of this soaring market cap was new deals with existing companies and the spinoff through acquisition of Bittorrent (BTT). Tron has also partnered with Travala, a travel site and offers a 15% discount for those who use Tron coin to make purchases. Holders of Tron were rewarded with BTT coin last month on Binance and Bittrex, and this helped market the coin further. Tron is down 90% from its ATH of $0.2 and presents a major value play for new investors. The Tron main net supports smart contracts, Dapps and transactions well and the project is headed up by Justin Sun, who has an excellent partnership with Binance, the world’s largest coin exchange. Binance is also offering direct purchase of cryprocurrency using credit cards, which will inject even more capital into the market. Expect Tron to rise as people around the world buy Bitcoin with credit.

Hougan of Bitwise Assets recently made the comment that 95% of cryptocurrencies were worthless and would die out. Tron stands a real chance of survival, as it vigorously pursues partnerships and acquisitions. Tron has overcome its white paper and ERC20 hurdles and has emerged as a real powerhouse in the cryptocurrency sector. Tron is more than hype, and stands head and shoulders about other coins. If Hougan is correct, and 95% of cryptocurrencies fall, Tron will be standing tall.


Published in my Serey, Golos, Bearshares, Whaleshares and Weku accounts I own. This is my origional work.

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