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2 months ago

Today, I want to share some latest news with you. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to details, so I will just name them briefly and then, in next posts tell more about everything.

  1. Project yellA.agency - as first decentralized promotional agency goes very well. We have got some new whale clients. But now it is obvious, that we should have more media - blogs/websites/groups/channels for publications. So, everyone is welcome to join any working groups on yellA website, but especially the group for publishers.

  2. I don't forget about the project "1000 dollars for crypto freelance monthly" and in my nearest post, I will tell how it is moving on.

  3. I have increased my personal SMM database up to 200K and can provide this service to clients personally too (details in the website).

  4. The number of visitors to Levelnaut website has rapidly raised up from 100 to 700 people daily. So, new crypto authors, that are interested in the personal promotion are welcome and the banner about it could be easily found in the sidebar of the website.

  5. We have the new system of crypto social network cataloging in Levelnaut, so the new menu will help you with navigation.

  6. There is more other news. But, as I said above, you will get all information in next posts. So don't forget to subscribe and stay in touch.

Boris Siomin,

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