Prime Minister, Imran Khan's new trouble in the country's government

6 months ago

Pakistan's Foreign Minister said: The Pakistan is constantly battling financial hardship these days. To overcome this problem of Pakistan's newly-elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan has created a team of foreign economists. This problem is more likely to increase after the financial assistance of 21 million crores by the United States.


Now it is the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has included several foreign economists in the newly formed Economic Advisory Committee. This is to get professional financial advice while making economic policies for the country. They say that with the help of these people efforts will be made to strengthen the country's economy.

This amount is sufficient to complete the imports of just two months. According to sources, Imran Khan's government has an immediate challenge to bridge the gap of $ 10 billion. It currently has a current account deficit of 1 billion dollars while its foreign exchange reserves exceed $ 10 billion.

The main reason for this is that large amount of money goes out of the country and there is little investment in it. It is according to official sources that the first meeting of the council can be held soon. During this time it will be considered how to remove the country from this stricken problem. Recognizing its Iranian Khan, the old traditions, 18 members have been appointed in this Economic Advisory Council and the President of this council will be himself.


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