The basic concept of computer for those new ones

2 months ago

Those who want to learn new computers, start reading from here. We thought that there are many newcomers who have bought new PCs and started using the new internet so they do not have much access to anything, we are far behind, so they are ahead of us too. This is our mission to take, so we want to share the Bengali tutorial consistently with everyone at one stage. There will be a lot of work to discuss. Today, the most gracious name of God is inaugurated in the name of "First Episode", which is in the first phase .01- What is computer? 02- Computer history.03- How does the computer work? 04- Computer use? Before computer history? Have little idea about computers. The term computer is derived from the Greek word compute. Calculate the meaning of compute words. Computer terminology calculator. Originally it was created for calculation. But now it's a complex and difficult accounting process, the computer is used for many more purposes. The speed of computer work is calculated in Nano seconds. Nano seconds is one billionth of a second. It performs all its functions through electronic streams. To better understand you, I give an example from myself, so you can easily understand the computer. We can catch a computer as a new home or apartment, at the time of the apartment, the seller will give you just a key to a house, maybe inside a tube light and some of the nominal furniture will be available. Now you have the responsibility to arrange your new home. If you want to put in a cup of cupboards or Tk 1 thousand, LCD TVs or sdakala TVs, do not put the fan on the AC, do not do it in one go, do all your wishes. But here's one thing you really like to put as well as more things. Your room is able to meet your needs and comfort as well. Now if you are happy with little, or fewer furniture can fulfill your needs, then it is completely your concern.


Just like a computer, you can install some programs and software, but after selling your vendor to you at the time of computerization, you will have to install some programs and software, but after bringing them home you will have to arrange yourself according to your own. You need to be sorted by the program with your needs and all the software that is well-named and good to get good results will have to be installed. I have said a lot more. Now some things about computer history .02- Computer history. Mahan Allah Taala created man , Gave them some intelligence on the mind. Human pursuit discovered various things through his intelligence. The era of the present era computer. Now someone who asks you who invented the computer? Then what will be your answer? That's why you have to know from its very beginning. From what we have heard from history, almost 4 thousand years ago, China created a machine to count. The name was Abacus. It is the world's first counting machine. And this is the ancestor of the current computer.


The computer usually performs two coordinates: 1. Hardware-3 is a computer hardware component, such as acupuncture, emollient, central processing, etc. Computer Hardware (hardware) or mechanisms. Programs are required to use hardware performance. Programs used on computer are known as software or programmers. So a computer is a combination of hardware and software. In fact, programmers and mechanisms complement each other.


Computer use, however, to start computer as a starting machine and to assist in complex tasks and calculations; It is being widely used in every field of human life. Instead of answering the question of what computer is used to do, it can be asked if it is not used in the work, then answering is easy. Without computer, advanced management, production, research, telecommunications, publishing can not be imagined. Computers can be used at all places in all the places. Basically people use computers for the development of their work. Every work is used to make it dependent and dynamic. So day-to-day computer usage is increasing.


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