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Click here to enter the CCC Contest. Write 200 words about what you think CCC means in a post and then click here to submit that post to the contest (CLICK HERE) @wakeupkitty. What does #ccc Stand for ❓What does #ccc Mean to you ❓Contest #ccc 2.10

CCC Contest

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
@oatmealjoey | @oatmealenglish | @joeyarnoldvn
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Published - 2019-08-12 - Monday - 11:16 AM PST LMS

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Code the Creed

Let's pretend CCC does NOT mean "Code the Creed Condition" which is what I saw on the Steemit of Kitty.

What does CCC means?

  1. First, I Clicked here to Google or Duck Duck Go "What does CCC means?"
  2. Then I looked at the search results, like this one.
  3. Then I clicked on some of the results to read them.
  4. Then, I started thinking.
  5. Then, I thought and thought some more like Pooh Bear.
  6. Then, I started writing this.
  7. Then, I started thinking of my truth lol, my answer.
  8. And ummmm, eight is enough lol.

Duck Duck Go

Click here to get some ideas for what CCC means. Warning there may be thousands of different meanings to CCC. So, you can look at lists and pick one at random or whatever. Oh, and CCC is not Closed Caption (CC).

What does CCC mean, then?

Eventually, I clicked here and found something delicious: Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Because the only thing better than oatmeal is oatmeal cookies, I mean, cough cough, ahhhhhh, chocolate chip cookies (CCC).

Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCC)

Cook Cakes & Cookies. Wait, no, just cookies. Camp, Cook, & Castration. Wait, no, just cookies. Get your cookies. Yum yum in your tummy. So good. So so good. I love cookies. All kinds of cookies. So, that is why I'm choosing cookies, cheers. Cherishing Casper Cars. Huh. You know, Casper your friendly ghost? A Casper Car would be like a white car. So racist. Wait, no, an invisible car. Captivating Character Cooperation. Yeah yeah. Yum yum for your car. Kitty, I'm suppose to write 200 words about this lol? Tell me when. Tell me when you want my madness called writing to end. I want to party more with those cookies. Casting out concerns, my cheesy people. Calibrating Cheese Cabs. Yum yum. If taxi cabs were made of cheese, then yum yum. What else? Cunny Carbon Chaos? Interesting. Creating Crazy Callers lol. Cloning Computer Cartoons. Citing Century Cats. Wow. So many cats. Too many cooks. Too many books. Just kidding. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold and I love cats. I love cookies. So, what do I know? I know that life is delicious. So, eat it up like they are cookies. That's why CCC is Cats, Cars, & Cookies, just kidding, or am I haha? Hey, anything that can do the body good. That's right. So good. When I say CCC, I am not saying KKK. I taught English in Vietnam and the C sound can sometimes make a K sound or something hard and strong like that. So, I know it can be confusing, chaotic, and Coo Coo. Oh, so let's celebrate with more yummy cookies and oatmeal. Chinese Captain Courts. Chemical Cancer Corn, yum yum. Enjoy life with some cookies. When life gets heart. I mean, hard. Take a break. Yum yum. Do what you can to enjoy life at times. Work hard and play harder.

Chaos, Cancer, & Criminals

There is a lot of chaos and cancer and criminals (CCC) out there. So, do what you can to navigate through those CLOUDS, clots, and cells of confusion. That's life. Enjoy each moment. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time. So, care. Cry. And Cook some yummy cookies for me and send them to me lol. That's right. I'm the real cookie monster.

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