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2 months ago


Especially in our Chittagong.

What is the name of marriage actually ???

Listen to one of the victims!

Sister grew up Marriage is going on. Akd's day was fixed on the basis of family opinion. At the end of the last fifty years or 50 at night, my sister will come to see me.

New relatives They can not be eaten as much as they can. I bought a lot of money. I saw that they came with a lot of sweet. After the mother left, mother told her to take sweet sweets in the mother's mother's house in the morning! Do not sweat a few kg more cheap. It is worth taking at least ten kgs. Participation or society will have to pay. Otherwise the society or the bad name.


This kind of society does not come to mind. It is such a sweet day that I have not seen it. It is not enough to be fed sweets to mosques on the day of Akk.

Akad's marriage contracts before this happens. Talking to the parents of the people in the area, the final decision was taken that the kabin agreed to donate 15 lakhs of rupees, if he gave ten gold. But the party also convinces that if one thousand people do not eat properly, and if they do not give proper care, they will not be kinship. Until marriage, everything is right. I did not say anything on the faces of the elders, I could not say anything.

Our 500-700 people will be organized and calculated. The decision was made in the house, and so will be invited. Work of relatives or identity of relatives. So the leaves with the clay !! That's not to talk about adults.


On the wedding day I saw the big brother that I invited him along with two more behind the motorcycle. The younger brother's friends appeared with friends who did not know the younger brother himself. The result is food crisis. It is quick to cook faster market.

Following the conventional rules, we invite two hundred people to my sister's house after marriage. Who says to the rice. I can not say anything that can not go beyond the rules. We took a lot of money in the train, and even after spending the other money, I went to invite the relatives of the leafy leaves. Then we will have to feed two or two of the Jamai's house. Otherwise it will be out of the box.


What is the need of everything? That's what he said. Where will our daughters leave them happily? But is it really happiness? Happiness to feed on a leafy relation with a ladle!

Anyway, I finished it all. To borrow some money is to buy the happiness of the sister. But to buy the full bloom, Ramadan Eid was to give clothes for the fourteen group of Jamayar's house. The cows have to give a cow. And in the twelve months there were 13 kinds of things to give.

Of these, the sister is a child. At the time of doing Shika, the cow had to give again. The sister of the sister, the marriage of the non-people were to give gold. Doing so much is a lot of money in debt. The marriage age is also going away. To repay the loan, prepare for doing so much for your marriage. By that time I will become old.


Sadly, I did so much for the sake of happiness, because of her family problems she got divorced. Where is happiness? Happiness is one thing that can not be found on the money. It requires education and a beautiful mind.

For the sake of happiness, these three number of hands are "wuduhat" in this Chittagong. There is no need to feed the relatives of the laborers with their hard work. There is no obstacle in doing this because nobody has the ability to feel happy. However, if I follow the rules, I have itching.

What kind of culture is it that you have to spend seven to seven lakh rupees? Does the tree have money? And if you have a motorcycle with you, stop taking two additional hoodai. If you spend two hundred rupees, there is no lack of food in the restaurant. If no one is close, then do not just run to get the invitation.


Because of these superstitions, like giving away a girl to her husband's skins, the boy goes to the same age as his son gets married, but the hair of his head goes away from age to manage so much money.

Again many girls can say that ... I am the only daughter of my father so whom I will not spend for ... ..

Let us understand all of the educated generations, both children and boys.

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