8 months ago

there have many things that allows one leader of state to catch this point. i would like to share experience on behalf of an auditor.

there have to 3 things on its sense: " ignorant, keep own power, under another's power "
nothing to be wonder that person we easy to see by eyes, he/she like to use power to threaten people around by giving impact if any done.
talk with no reason, no one be better than.
never see own mistake, never remember good acts of other.
that has a lot of prey and wish, put own law but never make.
all in his/her team is doing right, other are wrong.

if his/her team set so much bribery/ corruption, he/she never found.

if any threaten other powers, this team is always ignore its mistake or ( compare itself like the ant, and u like an elephant )
all of these acts you can see by eyes so clear. you must be announce to other stronger team to solute immediately.

Impact of bribery/corruption:

right becomes wrong
excellent becomes ugly
tidy becomes mess
nothing be best quality
quantity no price

nothing to say, how dare you can stay in this block?!!
Sure, it must be the best for investors whose product is falsification.

For last after known​ and move upward from its cover.

WAY ESCAPE : He/She shall be on time knows own mistake and change immediately, so nothing could be seriously happen. this is the last door.
If still stay a walk, not only he/she but everyone on his/her hand also destroyed.


Infrastructure with no quality

products no market

Education not widely standard

and more ...

please take a note if any of those i write happening in your community!!

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