[Blockchain]: Wonderful multifaucet collecting cryptocurrency in the project H2ox.io

12 days ago

 Hi friends!

Wonderful faucet collecting cryptocurrency in the project H2ox.io

Each user can easily withdraw their collected tokens to the Waves wallet and sell them on the DEX exchange inside the wallet. It is very convenient and comfortable. The project is very promising, be sure to join! On the platform, you can quickly create your own token or give the purchased Waves tokens to a profitable leasing!

The crane looks like this. To collect coins, you just need to press the token button. If the crane is ready to give you coins, it burns white. If you have already collected coins - the color of the tap is yellow. Everything is clear and simple. Simple use of the faucet: click on thefaucet token, wait 5 seconds and go to another faucet.

The tap button has the following information:

  • The name of the token
  • Crane operation timing
  • The cost of the token relative to the Waves exchange (DEX)
  • Full information about the token

This is the page where you can see how many different tokens you have collected.


The comfort of using the crane for free coin collection:

  • Instant withdraw to Waves wallet
  • Sale of coins inside the wallet on the exchange Waves DEX
  • Translation speed (5 seconds)
  • Free token transfer
  • Multilingual platform
  • Excellent referral program
  • Linking your tap account with telegram account
  • Accrual token bonuses for the chat communication telegram, part in . List I will point below.


What do you need to work with the crane?

  • Then, in your telegram application, we confirm your consent in the official Telegram channel to bind your account H2ox.io

The site  H2ox.io has additional tasks for getting free tokens for viewing advertising sites


  1. Telegram bot H2ox.io @h2oxbot
  2. Telegram channel H2ox.io  @H2OXTipping
  3. Русская группа H2ox.io- @H2OXio_RU
  4.  Telegram channel WavesWorld - @wavesworld
  5. Русская группа WavesWorld - @wavesworldru

All the good work with the site H2ox.io!!!



The world of cryptocurrency is developing by leaps and bounds. More and more projects are being created. People are intensely involved in this interesting process. Blockchain is one of the most interesting developments of our time. Today I would like to present a wonderful project Waves.

What does Waves offer?

  1.     Multi-currency wallet. It would fit like ordinary money, and electronic.
  2.     Decentralized exchange. On the Waves platform, users will be able to trade tokens of any origin.
  3.     Run the project. The platform allows you to give a quick start to investment projects.
  4.     Participation in the development of the system. Clients who have registered with Waves can directly    influence the change of project parameters.

I will tell you about several projects based on the Waves blockchain:

1. WavesWorld (Official group in telegram - https://t.me/wavesworld )

2. Wonderful faucet collecting cryptocurrency in the project H2ox.io


 Until next time, @r3benok  

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Thanks for this. Im going to try it out.


@wstanley224, Great project! Join now!