Newsflash: Bitcoin price is $ 8,000 for the first time since July 2018

2 months ago

This, unlike the first $ 8,000 mark after July 2018, an unchanged bitcoin value increased its parabolic climb on Monday.

Bitcoin value reaches a 10-month height

These major cryptocurrencies achieved this milestone at 5:15 a.m., when the BTC / USD closed at $ 8,000 on the Bitstamp. This bitcoin is not trading at a higher level since July 2018. Of course, the conditions were very different, because the cryptocurrency market was stuck in a devastating decline.

It eliminated billions of dollars from the investors' balance sheet. This cryptocurrency market has been continuing for most of the year 2019, but the price of bitcoin has exploded in May. In the last 30 days, BTC has increased 55%, making its year-to-date return to 113%.

CRYPTOCURRENCY meets market facilities

After covering the daily price movements of Bitcoin during the 2017 boom and the stir in 2018, they have to say that the charts once again feel unofficially who are blindly gaining pop-up profits with the fundamentals. These crypto talking heads have offered a potential catalyst buffet for the rally.

From next year's BTC halt to the US-China trade war. Although this commentator is far beyond the fact that there are more buyers than sellers, one has to settle on the story. In the meantime, there are five theories that certainly do not explain the sudden emergence of cryptocurrency but have been pandered by mainstream cryptosystems anyway.


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