How To Generate QR Code of Your Favorite coin.

3 months ago


Businesses and projects in the crypto space have an incentive to facilitate cryptocurrency payments for their customers and users. With QR codes, acquiring a recipient’s address is easy – all it takes is a quick scan with a smartphone. A platform called Cwaqrgen provides a tool to generate codes.

If you are a person who accepts crypto for payment so it is for you, a site name provide a QR code generator tools.
you can simply use the site for free.
There is listed near about your all favorite coin simply.

Screenshot (2).png

How To Generator QR Code.

Just simply go to the and search your coin after showing your coin then past you coin wallet address (Any wallet address but be care full during pasting your address).
after all, the process completed click Generate and boom your QR Code now generated, download your QR and print.

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