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We all are fairly convinced that beef is a harmful food that should be avoided. Because it helps to increase cholesterol. The truth is, there are also many beneficial aspects of beef meat.

The amount of nutrients found in the amount of nutrients available in the right quantities is difficult to obtain from anything else. So why do we deprive it completely of food and not deprive it of food?


How much should I eat?

The safe level of eating daily beef is 3 oz or 85 g. An amount of meat will be available in the equivalent pieces of a computer mouse or a bundle.


Where to get meat without fat

There are two parts of the cow's body that will get meat without fat and in less than the fat content of fat in chicken pellets in these parts. These two parts are round and loin / sirloin region, in these parts the internal fat content is lowest from 4.2 grams to a maximum of 8.2 grams of internal fat content of chicken thana. But yes, this comparison will happen when you cut off visible fat from the meat.


Beef means not too much calories

If you eat beef without 3 ounces or 85 grams of fat, then this will only bring you 10% calories to your daily caloric needs. There are 3 ounce meals with 200 calories and daily calories needs of 2000 calories.

Beef cholesterol levels

Cholesterol level in meat of 3 oz sirloin region 47 mg. And the quantity of cholesterol in the body of 3 oz round region is 53 mg. The daily safe level of a healthy human cholesterol is 300 mg. And 200 mg for heart patients. So cholesterol levels in 3 ounces beef are a lot below the safe range. Immediately explain the comparisons and say, one egg contains 212 mg cholesterol. So all the guilt is not the beef of the beef.


The beef has the nutrients

There are 9 nutritious ingredients needed for our body in the beef. These are proteins, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin. Protein plays a role in the formation of the muscles of the body, increases the immunity to zinc disease, phosphorus enhances the strength of teeth and bones, iron helps oxygen flow to body muscles, and provides energy from vitamin B12 food. To get the amount of junk that comes from 3 ounces beef, you have to eat 11 pieces of tuned fish in 3 ounces, this amount of iron will be eaten for 7 pounds of chicken breast of 3 ounces, this amount of iron will have 3 cups spinach. The quantity should be eaten for Riboflavin, up to 3 ounces of pounds of chicken breast and this amount will be eaten for thiasein, 3 pieces of weighing chicken breast Meat.


Benefits of beef for growing children

There is no comparison of the beef to grow or strengthen the growing child or TNJ. It is not only physical enhancement, it also plays a role in intellectual building and blood growth. 3-oz beef is in the meat 9-15% of the daily requirement of vitamin 12% Vitamin B12, 90% protein, 74% zinc, 42% selenium, 32% vitamin B6, 32% iron, 29% niacin, 23% refloflavin and 16% phosphorus .

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in beef has been proven to be helpful in cancer prevention, prevention of diabetes and increase in immunity.

So Khan, however, is in the Royce

To avoid beef-free, follow the steps below.

* Choose to eat round and loin / sirloin region meat.

* Do not eat more than 3 ounces or 85 grams daily, by volume it is equivalent to a computer mouse or a cardboard bundle.

* Separate visible fat while cutting meat.

* Cooking meat with barbecue, grill, kebab or a little oil, instead of roasting more oil, will help avoid the danger of excess oil loss.

Depending on the physical condition of the patient, according to his physical needs, it is necessary to determine the quantity of food and diet. In this case, make sure you have a healthy clinical nutritionist / dietician.

Red meat increases the risk of cancer

Those who eat more than cattle and meat and eat less fiber, they are more likely to have colon cancer.

Fennel foods accelerate circulation or periostasis. Oily food, canned food and fast food are also risky.

Red meat poultry rates are 12 percent more than colon cancer. On the other hand, the risk of death in processed red meat is even higher.

Among those who regularly eat red meat, smoking, drinking, and other bad habits are developed. It increases heart disease and cancer risk.

Those who eat cow, khasi or lamb five in a week, they have more risk of colon cancer. These animals are called redmitt. Redmeat is one of the most cancerous foods or carcinogens in medical science.

If meat-eaters include only one-hour fish instead of red meat in their food list, this premature death rate may decline by 7 percent.

In the case of processed meat, the risk of premature death increases due to sodium and nitrate in the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


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