Security problems in the bank

2 months ago


The users of the popular social networking website have been using the Facebook website. Facebook users from different countries of the world are not able to login to Facebook's website since Wednesday night. Users are not able to use Facebook and Facebook messenger and upload files even if they are logged in many cases.

Facebook's popular app Instagram is also being used for its users.

In the BBC report, it is said that the cause of the problem is yet to be ascertained or even known, but authorities are not willing to bring the matter to the public.

A Facebook statement published in the BBC said, "Many people using Facebook and other apps using Facebook are facing problems. "The statement said that Facebook authorities are working to solve the problem quickly.


Over the years, the banks of the country quickly introduced various types of internet banking services. As a result, banking services have become much easier. However, be aware of security at the time of online banking, first of all.

Midland Bank Limited Head of IT and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Md. Nazmul Huda Sarker said, "The technology of this bank is time-consuming. But as much as we make customer information available on the Internet, the security of the customer's account can also be a little weak, if not given the right security. Therefore, banks seek to provide their highest security, so that no one else can access (access) except the subscriber's account. There is also some responsibility for the customer to do something like the bank has to do to ensure security. The bank and the customer will provide the highest guarantee for this security, if both sides meet. '


Generally, the customer is given a login ID, password to the customer. After login for the first time must change the password of the customer. Login IDs, passwords, PINs - can never be shared with anyone. Of course, it should be changed after two to three months. It's a good idea to not log in with any device other than a personal computer or mobile phone. It is important to implement the 'Two Factor Authorization' system.

Always be aware that if the bank has logged on to the correct internet banking site. Many times you can take your login information by creating fake or exact fake sites. So it is safe to access the login link from the bank's website.

Adhering to such preliminary rules, your information will not be easily stolen. It is also important to keep SMS alert and e-mail alert as an additional alert. It is important to contact the bank immediately after the alert message is received every time after the transaction, after seeing or not having seen or seen the transaction. The computer used to update the operating system and antivirus all the time. It is not safe to use internet banking from free Wi-Fi or public networks. One thing to remember is that you have your security in your hands.


Banks offer internet banking security in many ways. First, this is done by creating a fair IT infrastructure and some policies. Under the guidelines or guidelines of the central bank, every bank prepares its information technology policy, which is said to provide maximum security. The Bank uses all types of security-software-software to set up a secure data center, so that there is no infiltration for data stealing.

The customer will note that the address of the internet banking website is 'https', which confirms the confidentiality of information sharing on the bank's site with your device.

Banks often send e-mails or sms to the customer, so that customers can be more aware of security.

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