Bangladesh positions third among quickest developing nations with rich populace: Report

7 months ago


Bangladesh has been positioned the third quickest developing nation on the planet as far as expanding number of rich individuals, as per a report.

The report, titled 'High Total assets Handbook 2019' distributed by New York-put together research firm Riches X with respect to Wednesday, uncovered that the nation's compound yearly development rate (CAGR) will ascend by 11.4 percent in the time of 2018-2023.


Aside from Bangladesh, just four different nations posted twofold digit development as far as their rich populace.

Nigeria leads with 16.3% in the diagram pursued by Egypt (12.5%), Bangladesh (11.4%), Vietnam (10.1%), Poland (10.0%), China (9.8%), Kenya (9.8%), India (9.7%), the Philippines (9.4%) and Ukraine (9.2%).

This implies development of high total assets (HNW) populace will ascend in the following five years, the report uncovered.

Riches X characterizes HNW people as those with a total assets of $1 million to $30 million and those value more than $30 million are named ultra-high total assets (UHNW).

In any case, in its prior report distributed in September a year ago, the Riches X put Bangladesh over the rundown of the nations that saw the snappiest development in the quantity of UHNW populace with a 17.3 percent development amid the 2012-17 time frame.

In the mean time, the world's HNW populace ascended by 1.9 percent to 22.4 million individuals in 2018, an augmentation beneath the rate of worldwide financial development, the report said.

Their consolidated riches likewise developed by 1.8 percent to $61.3 trillion, it included.

Regarding grouping of UHNW populace, the best 10 nations are: US (8.68m), China (1.88m), Japan (1.62m), Germany (1.02m), UK (893,905), France (877,380), Canada (505,010), South Korea (476,705), Australia (473,600) and Italy (418,090).

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