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women like to 'enjoy' a woman's body like a man?


#### Dear serey all If it is difficult to deny that men like to enjoy the beautiful body of women, it turns out this does not apply otherwise. Women sometimes have no desire to enjoy a man's body. Instead they often like to enjoy the bodies of their fellow women. This is not just boasting, because this is the result of a study. ![benarkah-wanita-suka-menikmati-tubuh-wanita-layaknya-pria.jpg]( As a result, the scientists found that male participants were more interested in women's images. Whereas women are equally attracted to images of women and men. In similar experiments with different participants, the results were slightly different. In men the results are similar, but in women, this time women are more attracted to women's photos. Scientists emphasize that the results of this study are scientifically valid, because the method makes them make spontaneous decisions that are conscious and make the results accurate. This shows that 'straight' women are more flexible about sexuality than men 'straight.' Scientists say that women naturally have lower sexual desire than men, so they are not so attracted to men's bodies. Whereas in terms of seeing a woman's body, a woman merely sees it as something artistic, which is also a comparison material with her own body shape. This is also evident in the world of celebrities, where there are many celebrities who do not claim to be bisexual or gay, but they date their fellow women. Angelina Jolie has been dating a model named Jenny Shimizu, Cara Delevingne is now dating musician Annie Clark and has also been dating actress Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan who has been dating Samantha Ronson, and Amber Heard who was dating photographer Tasya van Ree.
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