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Glucose Levels, Prevent Complications in Pregnant Women


### Dear serey all Generally doctors will advise pregnant women to do blood tests to determine glucose levels during pregnancy. The test is done at 25-28 weeks gestation. The main purpose of this test is to find out whether the pregnant woman has gestational diabetes, namely the condition of elevated blood glucose levels. Reporting from Boldsky's page, almost 3-5 percent of pregnant women tend to experience the condition. ![528096_620.jpg]( Hormonal changes and consumption of unhealthy foods can increase the risk of gestational diabetes. If the urine test in the early stages of pregnancy shows high sugar levels, then a blood test to monitor glucose levels is done before the 24th week of pregnancy. But women who have suffered from diabetes before pregnancy do not need to undergo blood glucose testing. Instead they must take precautions to make sure the pregnancy is safe. Usually the test is done using a sugar solution. Pregnant women drink a solution containing 50 grams of sugar. After drinking, he needs to wait for one hour and then undergo a blood test to determine glucose levels. In this way the body's ability to process sugar will be tested. At present, almost all pregnant women undergo these tests to avoid the possibility of developing gestational diabetes. Especially those who are overweight, get pregnant after 35 years of age, and have a history of diabetes in the family. This examination of gestational diabetes needs to be done during pregnancy, because these conditions can increase the risk of labor complications, birth defects, and several other problems. An initial diagnosis is made to help certain precautions for safer pregnancy. ___ ____ #### Thanks @zur
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