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The importance of time..



![IMG_20181221_071521.jpg]( **Time is the most valuable thing in our lives. But even we ourselves have never realized that. If we study further our lives in a day are only 24 hours. While the effective time of activity is only half.** **If from that half day we can make the best use of time. Hope to achieve a better and growing life lives before the eyes. Also to remember is never to underestimate small things. Do not regret later.** **Start managing your time by making an agenda for things to do every day. Make a small note at night that contains our activity schedule the next day. Once well organized, don't forget to put the notes in places that are most likely to be easily visible. As attached to the wardrobe or on the bathroom door. This is intended to make it easier for you to read the schedule again the next day..** **Thank you very much..**
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