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Demanding Science to Get Intercession..



A friend of the Prophet Abu Darda said: "For my Lord's sake, that I learned about a problem, then solved the problem; it was better than me from worshiping all night long. More rewards following recitation, solving religious problems and deepening the knowledge of Islamic religion rather than overnight service, this is because if we worship ourselves and for ourselves, if the worship is valid then Allah will give it a reward. ![IMG_20181224_084651.jpg]( But if you take recitation and solve problems in it, then Allah will reward you and the knowledge you get can be useful for us to share with others and useful for reviving Islam. Hmm, if we do both (sunnah worship and learning to deepen the knowledge of religion) really such things are highly prioritized and very good. And again, pious people and people who learn (study science) are both in goodness. And as bad as humans are people who do not want to study and that is human beings who have no good. Make us pious or people who learn science, or people who listen to knowledge conveyed by others.. ![IMG_20181217_100420.jpg]( **Thank you very much..**
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